Ghost on 3rd

Ghost on 3rd – Performed by Peter Lewis:

Peter Lewis:
Born the son of actress Loretta Young and film producer Tom Lewis in 1945, Peter Lewis has been a part of show business history all his life. A student of music since grammar school, Lewis began his career as a professional musician when thirteen. His high school years were spent playing lead guitar in a rock/dance band, the “Cornells”. Finally, after five years and one surf album, the “Cornells” broke up.

Peter, left to portend his own fate, went off to Purdue University. Being accepted into Purdue’s two year professional Pilot program was a prestigious accomplishment. Eventually, however, a combination of hearing the music of Bob Dylan and the specter of being left behind by a growing number of his peers that were “breaking away” drew him back into music.

In the end, this decision would at least temporarily suspend communication with his mother, who saw the sixties counter culture as misguided to say the least and in the end Peter was told to cut his hair or “get out”. Two years of motel rooms and playing cover tunes at night clubs all over California later, Peter’s chance at Rock stardom came after meeting Skip Spence, ex drummer/guitar player for the Jefferson Airplane. Soon, with other founding members, Bob Mosley, Jerry Miller and Don Stevenson, the seminal San Francisco rock band Moby Grape was formed.

With its five singer songwriter three guitar lineup, the band was soon signed to Columbia records. Although Moby Grape’s first ground breaking self titled album is now rated by “Rolling Stone” magazine as one of the ten finest rock albums ever made, at the time, a somewhat turbulent career followed its release in 1967. The reasons for this are too convoluted for a recount here. But many rock historians who’s writings are still accessible have documented their thoughts about Moby Grape including David Fricke and Joel Selvin to name a couple.

At present, Peter lives on the California Central Coast and performs regularly live. In the past few years he has released two solo records, the first of which was self titled and earned a 5 star review from the Rolling Stones magazine. His second “Live in Bremen” album was also released by Taxim records in Germany. A third solo album is now being finished and will soon be released. Most recently, Lewis has teamed up with famed poet M. L. Liebler from Detroit. Their live performances provide an interesting marriage between music and the spoken word which provides the listener with a unique opportunity to hear a combined perspective of two seeming different kinds of artist being blended together in a way that is at the same time both contemporary and historically remarkable.