Reese: More Tales To Tell

By Jay Gravholt Mount Marty University (MMU) Associate Professor of English Dr. Jim Reese recently released “Dancing Room Only,” a collection of new and selected… Read More

David Sedaris Talks about Jim Reese as his Opening Act Dr. Jim Reese has been pen pals with David Sedaris since 2008. “It all started with a letter David wrote to my Mount Marty students.… Read More

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‘Bone Chalk’: Jim Reese Maps Out The Heartland In Memoir

Interview with Texas Public Radio, January 8, 2021: More

Reese is on the moon!

A Time Capsule of Human Creativity, Stored in the Sky The Lunar Codex, an archive of contemporary art, poetry and other cultural artifacts of life… Read More

Mount Marty University’s community recognition awards

Mount Marty University, May 17th, 2022 We are proud to announce Mount Marty University’s community recognition award recipients! We are incredibly thankful for what these… Read More

Los Angeles Review of Books

“Neo-Regionalist Moment: Hearing the Emerging Voices of the American Center” …This variation and texture highlights an intra-regional diversity across the Midwest, a complexity that is… Read More

What Writers Can Learn from Cops and Criminals

NY Times Best-Selling author Marc Cameron and National Endowment for the Arts and Federal Bureau of Prisons Writer-in-Residence, author Jim Reese… Read More

The Lives of Writers Podcast

Michael talks with Jim Reese about teaching writing at a prison, teaching writing at a college, the midwest, his first collection of essays Bone Chalk,… Read More

Keith Lesmeister reviews Jim Reese’s BONE CHALK

“What Reese is doing throughout, even with the bumper stickers, is providing an unflinching and oftentimes humorous — though some might say terrifying — view… Read More