Really Happy featured on Dakota Midday Book Club

South Dakota Public Broadcasting Presents Dakota Midday Book Club and is featuring the collection Really Happy by Jim Reese. More

Really Happy, Reviewed by Kevin Carey

Really Happy does what a good poetry collection should do, it opens the door to a poet’s life. Reese reveals the many sides of himself… Read More

2015 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards

Jim Reese’s new poem “This isn’t Dress Rehearsal” has been selected as an Editor’s Choice in the 2015 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards, sponsored by the… Read More

Washington Independent Review of Books

February 2015 Exemplars: Poetry Reviews by Grace Cavalieri Grace Cavalieri February 23, 2015 A monthly feature that looks at books of and about poetry. Really… Read More

Dante Di Stefano Reviews Really Happy

Love Too Much, but Don't Let Go Jim Reese’s third collection of poetry, Really Happy, pursues joy while coasting through the ruins of the contemporary… Read More

Walsh: South Dakota has ‘vibrant’ talent in poetry

It's a Friday night in January, and there are about a thousand places to be right now besides at a poetry reading. Yet Zandbroz owner… Read More

Dakota Midday interview with Jim Reese

Poet Jim Reese finds inspiration in such ordinary things as bowling alleys, classrooms, bumper stickers and children’s drawings. He also draws upon his experiences as… Read More

A ‘Happy’ Venture: Mount Marty’s Jim Reese Releases A Sweet Collection Of Poetry

BY RANDY DOCKENDORF | The cover of Jim Reese’s new book of poetry leaves the reader hungry. That’s because the cover of “Really… Read More

The Passages Of Life – YFPC Inmates Share Writing Through National Program

Mark Payne reads his story as one of four Yankton Federal Prison Camp (YFPC) inmates participating in this week’s creative writing presentation at Mount Marty… Read More

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